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My blogging journey all began because I had a love for making jewelry, which you can read about > here <

I opened my Etsy Shop on September 4th, 2013 and by the end of December I started thinking I might reach more jewelry lovers through writing about my creative process on a blog.  I tried really hard to keep my topics about jewelry in one way or another, such as; The Journey To Find My PassionBeach FindingsA Beautiful Collaboration, and Back To Basics (to name a few).  But I have always been a writer at heart, and it was simply impossible for me not to write about other things that were on my mind.  Things of a much more personal nature, like He Saved Me From Myself, which was also a prompt from another blogger.  I wanted to be part of this wonderful WordPress community and interact with other bloggers, share inspiration and pain and wisdom and laughter… these are all things I seek and discover every day in the blogosphere.

I am no longer here, writing, to boost my views or sales on my Etsy shop.

I am a writer.  I am a blogger.

The word Contortum describes my mind just as nicely as it describes the process of my jewelry design,

Contortum is a Latin word defined as “involved, intricate, obscure, tangled/complicated”

For these purposes I suppose “designs” could be interpreted as writing…

So my blog means Involved, Intricate, Obscure, Tangled, Complicated Writing.

I think that’s kind of fitting actually!


"Keeping It Real Is A Full Time Job" My newest notebook! <3 7/4/15

“Keeping It Real Is A Full Time Job” My newest notebook!

*This is not to say that I am abandoning the Contortum Designs Etsy Shop.  I am, however, less focused on it.  I am not producing new pieces as frequently as I was and I am not planning on picking up the pace in the near future.  I am still accepting custom orders, please contact me if you are interested in that.

 *Written July 4th, 2015*


This was the original “About Contortum Designs” statement…

Contortum Designs Translates Into Simple and Elegant Jewelry

Making jewelry is my place of zen. I find peace in the intricacies, in the details, using my hands to delicately bend and twist the wire, wrapping a piece of myself in everything I create.

Why Contortum?
Contortum is a Latin word defined as “involved, intricate, obscure, tangled/complicated” which I believe describes the process of wire wrapping perfectly.

Product Information
The materials I use are few, I take a minimalist approach that translates into simple and elegant jewelry. All metal components are very high quality (most often sterling silver). The items I wrap come from different places I’ve been and different times in my life; I may have picked it up while walking on the beach, or bought it at a thrift store or a local beads and stones shop. I also like to support my fellow Etsy shops and buy some of my materials from them. If you would like to know the origin of any particular piece simply contact me and I’ll do my best to remember!

Custom Jewelry
If you have something that you would like wrapped and made into a beautiful piece of jewelry, please contact me and we can discuss what you are looking for!

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