A Leave of Absence

Contortum Designs is taking a leave of absence, the Etsy shop that is.

Mainly because I just sold my last chain and I can’t afford to buy more at the moment.  That’s what happens when you resign from your job before finding a new one first.

But also because I want to make new one-of-a-kind handmade pieces before the holiday season and release them for sale for the holidays.  

Here’s a little factoid for ya… since I started offering charm necklaces, I have not sold a single handmade piece of jewelry.  Far be it from me to guess why.

The holiday season is typically the only time I make a few sales, so I figured I should be more prepared this year.  Maybe by shutting things down between now and then I will find some way to focus and put my thoughts to action.  We shall see.

The Shop will be up and running again mid-October or at the latest early November, and I will remind you when the time comes.

You may now resume your regularly scheduled activities, thank you.


If you are interested, and not afraid of depression, feel free to check out my new-ish blog, Sidereal Catalyst and follow along.


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