Is It Time To Disconnect?

I am changing.

As a person, as a blogger…. I mean, this is normal, we all change.  In fact, we’re all always changing.

As I mentioned in Making Jewelry Is The Least of My Concerns, I’ve stepped away from making jewelry.  Maybe I will find my passion for it again, maybe I won’t.  Only time will tell.

It has been suggested to me that if I want to focus on my writing I should have a separate blog for that.  This idea, while scary in ways, makes sense to me in other ways.  I’ve already posted a lot of my personal writing here, on Contortum Designs.  I have worked hard to build a brand and connect with other bloggers, to gain a following… here on CD.  One of my favorite bloggers (Welcome home Rara!) just started following me here.  These are the reasons it would be scary to start a new blog and start over.  People know me here, well kinda anyway.  Some of you even like me 😉  And despite the fact that I twisted the meaning of the words “Contortum Designs” (as mentioned HERE) to fit my new purpose (kinda, sorta)… I’m not feeling it.  I feel like I need a new space, a blank space to begin this new journey.  Yet there are pieces I’ve posted here that would fit in the new space, would I just move them over?


I’m trying to work out the kinks in my head.  I’m like 98% sure I will be creating a new space for my new journey.  Trying to come up with a fitting title; one that I feel cozy in, one where I can stretch out or curl up in, one where I can laugh and cry and maybe scream in too.  I won’t be sharing the link directly on this site as I want the two to be separate.

Let me know if you’d like the new link when it’s ready and I will personally make sure you receive it.

Any and all comments/suggestions/ideas/opinions/well-wishes/constructive-criticisms are welcome so please engage with me below!



4 thoughts on “Is It Time To Disconnect?

  1. I say trust yourself and do what is BEST for you 🙂 I had two separate blogs at one time and due to the human being change process my blogs had to change into one for a while. I am like you in considering going back to two blogs again, but not sure just how to make that transition quite yet. The change process and time will tell me when to do this I am sure. Good Luck!

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