Making Jewelry Is The Least of My Concerns – A New Contortum Designs

My blogging journey all began because I had a love for making jewelry, which you can read about > here <

I opened my Etsy Shop on September 4th, 2013 and by the end of December I started thinking I might reach more jewelry lovers through writing about my creative process on a blog.  I tried really hard to keep my topics about jewelry in one way or another, such as; The Journey To Find My PassionBeach FindingsA Beautiful Collaboration, and Back To Basics (to name a few).  But I have always been a writer at heart, and it was simply impossible for me not to write about other things that were on my mind.  Things of a much more personal nature, like He Saved Me From Myself, which was also a prompt from another blogger.  I wanted to be part of this wonderful WordPress community and interact with other bloggers, share inspiration and pain and wisdom and laughter… these are all things I seek and discover every day in the blogosphere.

I am no longer here, writing, to boost my views or sales on my Etsy shop.

I am a writer.  I am a blogger.

The word Contortum describes my mind just as nicely as it describes the process of my jewelry design,

Contortum is a Latin word defined as “involved, intricate, obscure, tangled/complicated”

For these purposes I suppose “designs” could be interpreted as writing…

So my blog means Involved, Intricate, Obscure, Tangled, Complicated Writing.

I think that’s kind of fitting actually!


Keeping It Real Is A Full Time Job

“Keeping It Real Is A Full Time Job” My newest notebook! ❤

*This is not to say that I am abandoning the Contortum Designs Etsy Shop.  I am, however, less focused on it.  I am not producing new pieces as frequently as I was and I am not planning on picking up the pace in the near future.  I am still accepting custom orders, please contact me if you are interested in that.


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