Caveat: Feelings Ahead

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It has been brought to my attention that some friends and family are concerned about some of the more negative things I’ve written on my blog.  They are worried that it will affect a possible job opportunity in the future, if read by a prospective employer.  I do understand and realize that anyone can read what I write.  I have also considered the possibility of their concern.

I choose to write my personal thoughts and feelings here, in an effort to not only process them for myself, but also to educate those who do not understand depression, and to connect with others going through similar situations.  I realize that some of the things I say can be hurtful, though they are never meant to be, but the truth is raw and often painful.  I say what’s on my mind.  It’s not always pretty, in fact sometimes it’s downright ugly.  I overreact because my feelings are intensified from my mood disorder, it can come out in my writing.  It’s not meant to be taken personally.  In fact, the reader of what I’m writing never crosses my mind as the words leave my fingertips, because this space is mine.

If you do not want to read it, I understand and that’s ok.  If a possible employer chooses not to hire me based on my personal thoughts and feelings, which I express in my personal time, I don’t want to work for that person or company.  Maybe that is foolish, but that’s my choice.

I want to thank those who’ve shown concern, I do appreciate that you care about me.  You may even be right  🙂



4 thoughts on “Caveat: Feelings Ahead

  1. A journal or blog post is just like a photo. It captures a moment in time. People can interpret these moments differently depending on their own perspective. I hope that everyone who reads your words has that understanding. And I fully support your stance.


  2. I enjoy that your writing is honest. Too often we’re told that to “promote” ourselves we should always make it seem like we’re happy and super confident about our lives and our work. But this just isn’t real and it takes oodles of courage to say what’s really on your mind (and is probably therapeutic as well). Keep it up!

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  3. I have thought the same thing and considered that what I write in my blog may keep me from a job. And I have come to realize that perhaps that job is not right for me. If I cannot be who I am, if I cannot express what I wish when I am on my own time then I do not need to be constrained by that job. Life is hard enough living with depression I don’t need to make it harder by not being able to express myself in the way I need to. There is the “right” job out there for you and they will accept you and if they do, that IS the job for you.

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