Apparently I failed My 30 Days Project

Here I sit, in my disgustingly hot rental home in Florida, having just realized that my 30th day of silver effing linings failed to post.  I wrote it.  It sucked, but I wrote it.  I thought I posted it.  I had no wifi where I was staying so I was depending on cell service to get the job done.  Apparently it failed.  Which means I failed to complete the last day of my silver linings project.  UGH!!!!!  It would be different if I purposely skipped the day, as I told myself in the beginning I would cut myself some slack.  But I wrote the damn post and thought it was published.  That is what angers me.

I can’t express how frustrated this makes me.  I’m having a hard enough time coming back to hell (aka Zero Beach, Florida) from vacation as it is, and THIS is just the damn cherry on the cake.

image found on google images

image found on google images


4 thoughts on “Apparently I failed My 30 Days Project

  1. Seems the cell phone service failed––not you! You thought it through, you decided what to write and you wrote it. Plus, you made the honest effort, despite no wifi!
    No failure whatsoever. Post the lining now! 😊 Now is always a great time!

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