Silver Linings Day 28

Mama Orr, Abbie Z, Zach Z

The Des Moines Arts Festival is one of the highest ranked in the country.  Over a 3 day period it was projected that approximately 200,000 people would attend this yearly event!  My mama took us to the festival, where that awesome picture above was taken. Speaking of which, this booth had all these different props you could choose from and they took three pictures of you for free, which were then emailed to you! If you post the picture on social media with #DMAF2015 or #LifeisArt you can win a $300 gift card towards artwork from the festival!

I also got to spend some quality time with one of the very few dear friends I have left in this town.  We strolled the festival, went shopping at my fave “novelty” store in Des Moines (RAYGUN), and we took my husband to the best pizza place ever (Fong’s).

I did all of this while fighting a vicious hangover.  

Yet when I look back on this day, I won’t remember the hangover (well, I might lol), I will just be glad I got to do fun things with people I love.


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