Silver Linings Day 26

So I played a little joke yesterday, but I’m not sure many of your noticed!  Which means I actually pulled it off really well, haha, but still…. For those of you who read Silver Linings Day 25 and stopped reading when I said  “goodbye,” you missed something.  You missed the real post!  So go on, go back and take take another look… (CLICK >>HERE<< to go back) and scroll down.  Scroll a little further.  There ya go…


Ok, now on to Day 26

thank YOU WordPress

thank YOU WordPress

I know many of you have been around here much longer, and I am proud to have joined your ranks.  It has been a wonderful experience for me; I have learned, grown and made some amazing connections.

So today, my silver lining is recognizing my WordPress anniversary and looking forward to much more blogging ahead!

Bonus Silver Lining!  Gay Marriage is FINALLY legal everywhere in America!!!!  Woot!



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