Silver Linings Day 25

It’s kind of hard to believe that this is the twenty-fifth day in a row that I have found something positive in my life and acknowledged it as such, no matter how bad my day was.  That was the first thing I that crossed my mind after I typed the title for this post 🙂

That’s kind of a silver lining all in itself, isn’t it?

Well I guess that’s it then!





Did I fool you?!?  Wait… Is anyone reading this?  Uh oh, maybe I executed my little joke too well.  I hadn’t thought of that possibility.  Well hopefully somebody out there is reading this.  Either way, that’s not the point.  These silver linings are to remind ME of the positives, ya’ll are just along for the ride!

So today was weird.  Started rough.  No particular trigger.  I climbed out of it for the most part.  Then had a mini meltdown at the nail salon.  (Don’t feel like rehashing those details, ugh)  Kept sinking deeper after I got home, it was getting ugly.  Then I looked around me, literally.  Here is what I saw…

I love my fur babies 🙂

*Wondering what this is all about?  Check out 30 Days of Silver Linings to start at the beginning!


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