Silver Linings Day 23

The second best silver lining is supportive friends.

credit: google images

credit: google images

Sometimes you find those really rare friends; ones that stand the test of time, distance and tribulation. I am truly grateful to have a few of those people in my life.  They have shown me incredible kindness, patience, acceptance, compassion, love and support – they are a scarce breed indeed, and I cherish each one of them.

My friend I have known the longest would be Jackie; bff, my fitness coach, MFT, Wonder Woman, and business owner (to name a few of the many hats she wears).  I have written in depth about our friendship in the past (which you can find >here< )

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Jackie Image Credit:

My friend Kaitlin is what I like to call my soul sister.  She understands me on a level very few people ever could, just as I understand her.  She inspires me and lifts me up every day, even though we live on opposite sides of the country.



For the last two years Robby has been by my side, practically inseparably, through thick and thin. We are kindred spirits and help guide each other through the darkness.  He even wrote a great blog post about how my silver linings project has inspired him!  The title is To see the world in a grain of sand… and it’s posted over on Theme Park Boy so go check it out!



As you can see, I have a lot to be thankful for.  These friends have seen my worst and love me still.  Jackie sees my light when I’m consumed in darkness, in the ugliest moments of my disease Kaitlin sees my beauty, at my weakest moments Robby sees my strength.

Bonus Silver Lining – New Friends!

I have recently become quite good friends with a fellow blogger, Peter, over at 42 Days Younger Than Kylie.  Just this morning, or yesterday in Australia, Peter dedicated a beautiful poem to me on his blog.  It’s called I Found You Covered In Ash, you must hop over there to read it!  Here’s a little snippet…

This darkness
Mere ash on your skin
From the fires of uncertainty
Scorching your lost mind.

Peter has been very supportive of my recent depressive issues and I am so thankful to have connected with him 🙂


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