Silver Linings Day 20

My husband officiated another wedding this afternoon at a restaurant/bar/hotel in Sebastian, FL called Captain Hiram’s.  I went along for the ride because I’ve never been to Captain Hiram’s before.  It was hot but there was a great breeze when we arrived.  Token selfie taken at 5:17, a view of the venue at 5:26, a table in the water at 6:47… My friend Niki came and had a drink with us, hence, friend selfie 🙂 Then the weather took a turn rather quickly!  That great breeze vanished and the heat hung heavy in the air.  The clouds rolled in from the West bringing much cooler gusts of wind.  At 6:47 it was beautiful, not a dark cloud in sight.  By 7:20 a black cloud hung ominously over the whole area.  I love Mother Nature!

Where I would normally stay in on a Saturday evening, I got out and went somewhere new, and I had a good time!  Woot!

Much love to you, friends!



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