Silver Linings Day 15

Well friends, we’ve reached the half-way point in this 30 Days of Silver Linings project!

Today started out rough.  I woke up with a very upset stomach.  Thought I was hung over until my husband woke up and said he didn’t feel well either.  Had to have been the food from that wedding yesterday.  At first, I couldn’t even make coffee.  It was getting serious.  I thought for sure I would be heading back to bed and staying there allllll day feeling icky.  Luckily my friend Peter talked me through the worst of it, and with his gracious words of encouragement I did not get back in bed.

Once at work I noticed a flower had started to bloom that was closed up on Friday.


Isn’t that beautiful?!  I think it will open even further, so I’ll keep you posted 😉  I haven’t a clue what kind of flower it is, so if any of my gardener friends recognize it do tell in the comments!

I was in a surprisingly goofy mood today, totally unexpected, especially with how my day started.  So even though there was didley squat to do at work today, I had a good day!  In fact, my best friends and I started planning a trip to the Keys for next month so I’m super stoked about that!!!

After work I did something that I haven’t done in YEARS.

I worked out.  I know, it’s shocking, some of you who know me really well might’ve just fainted.  It all came about because my sister from another mister, Jackie, is simply positive that exercising will dramatically decrease my depression.  And I am definitely not in the best shape of my life, so I figured what the hell!

There is some serious sweating going on here!

There is some serious sweating going on here!

So I’m doing 20 minute workouts 4x/week.  Today was day one.  I will probably be feeling some muscles I didn’t know I had come tomorrow, but I think it will be totally worth it.  WOOT!

Silver Linings? I did not go back to sleep when I felt sick this morning.  I took notice of that gorgeous flower at work.  I started planning an awesome vacation.  AND I exercised!

What was your silver lining today?!  I’d love to hear from you in the comments!



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