Silver Linings Day 14

It was another very social day for this relatively anti-social girl.

Me, being anti-social at this wedding.

Me, being anti-social at this wedding.

The wedding took place at The Driftwood Resort, which is where my husband works, where I met my husband, and where my family has been vacationing since I was six years old.  You could say I’m familiar with the place.  My husband is a notary, and in the state of Florida a notary can officiate weddings.  My husband works at a beachside resort and he is a notary, so he performs weddings semi-frequently.  I do not go to all of them.  I do not go to hardly any of them.  This was the wedding of my husband’s boss’ niece, and somehow that made my appearance obligatory.

I spent the time as an observer, a people watcher, an outsider.  It was lovely, aside from the extreme heat.  It really is a beautiful venue…

I took a time-lapse video of the wedding party coming in. I was going to record the whole ceremony but my hand got sick of being in the same position for so long, so here’s what I got…

Silver Lining… I stepped outside of my normal routine.  I observed an event from a different perspective than I normally would.  I put a dress on, and very minimal makeup (due to the heat, I didn’t feel like having my face melt for all to see), and I played nice with strangers.  Go me!

Hoping it will be a good week ahead!

The hubby & I

The hubby & I



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