Silver Linings Day 13

Saturday June 13th, Silver Linings Day 13

Today, for the first day in almost a week, I was able to get OUT of my head a little.  A small, yet worthy, victory my friends!  It’s kind of funny how it happened actually, I re-connected with my younger self.  I looked back on my old journals.  I am, or rather used to be, an avid journal-er; I documented everything!  As I mentioned in Silver Linings Day 7, Finding the right vessel to hold my precious words is a sacred experience for me, it’s a bond between writer and paper that I cannot describe.


my old journals

The secrets enclosed within those pages is, quite literally, my life in words and pictures.  It’s raw.  At times, really raw, and ugly… and also beautiful.  Expect to see some of my words from the past in the upcoming days/weeks!  I was a very idealistic college student, and the words flowed like lava from a volcano!

So that was cool.

This afternoon (5 pm EST) I was “obligated” (though I could have skipped it) to accompany my husband to a rehearsal dinner.  See, my husband is a notary and he works at a resort on the beach.  Naturally people want to get married on the beach.  All you truly need to get married is someone to notarize the paperwork.  But my husband goes the extra step and will say a few words, or whatever the couple wants him to say, in a ceremony-type thing.  Hence, I am technically “the preacher’s wife,” if you will, in such situations.

My point being, I attended this social function and I socialized with complete strangers!  The event was beachside, so I snapped a picture…

Driftwood Resort Vero Beach, Florida

Driftwood Resort
Vero Beach, Florida #nofilter

And I remembered (for lack of a better word) that I really kinda live in paradise!  This is definitely a silver lining, especially in the winter months.  I do not, unfortunately, live beachside.  See, the beach is on a barrier island, and I live “mainland.”  So it’s not like I’m looking at this view every day.  But it is there.  And technically I can go over there any time I want to.  I appreciate that, really.

All in all, it was a pretty good day!  I feel like maybe, just maybe, I’m breaking through the darkness a little.  It is hope that I did not feel yesterday.  I am definitely grateful for that.



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