Silver Linings Day 10

Another rough day my friends.  As positive as I felt just two days ago, I am now feeling lost and consumed. I think it’s my meds, though I can’t be certain.  Hopefully my psychiatrist can shed some light on this darkness when I see him tomorrow.

I was able to identify a silver lining, despite the hurricane going on inside my skull.  This morning I was in a decent mood and it was a lovely morning so I actually stopped to smell the flowers.


I’m not sure what they are, it’s actually this huge tree (or bush?) behind the house I work in.  They do smell nice too!  The weather kind of reflected my mood today.  As I mentioned, it was a lovely morning and I was in pretty good spirits.  As the day went on storm clouds moved in and I was feeling quite hopeless.


It was torrential!  I have an affinity for thunder storms, maybe it’s the electricity in the air, I’m not sure.  The rain has ceased and writing this post has improved my mood a little.

Here’s to hoping that tomorrow is a better day.



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