Silver Linings Day 8

I had a little epiphany at work today.  I have been very hard on myself about my current employment.  I feel I should be doing something more, something that uses my college education, I should be more successful somehow.  It’s hard to explain, but it has been bothering me.  A lot.

I was sitting at my work table today, absent-mindedly looking out the window when I randomly thought “My work doesn’t define me.  It’s just a job that pays the bills, it’s my life outside of work that defines who I really am.  It’s my hobbies, it’s how I treat other people, it’s my little quirks only close friends and family see, it’s my beliefs and values… those are the things that define me, my life.”  BOOM.  Is this really the first time I’m realizing this?  Success doesn’t have to be determined by your career choice, I don’t want to live to work I want to work to live!


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It may be a simple concept, but I have never understood it in a personal way until today.  If I can keep this in mind on the frustrating days that will inevitably come, if I can truly believe it, it might make those days a little easier to get through.  And for me, that’s a helluva nice silver lining.


Wondering what this is all about?  Start at the beginning here >>> 30 Days of Silver Linings<<<


6 thoughts on “Silver Linings Day 8

  1. That is awesome! It is true, do remember that always. You are who you are inside. Don’t keep up with the Jones’s and measure success by work, it’s a never ending spiral of frustration.
    One of my best friends has that exact same realisation you describe. Work is there to pay the bills and to fund all her hobbies and activities that make life enjoyable. And she has turned her life around and is so happy now.

    Stick with that attitude. You’ve got this sorted! So happy for you. 😀

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