Silver Linings Day 6

I didn’t have a “bad” day today, in fact it was a bit relaxing and I got a few things done!  My aim with the silver linings project is to acknowledge that, whether my day was bad or not, there is something in every day worth smiling about.  I want to embrace the positives!  There have been a few things today, but I would have to say one thing stands out in particular.



was originally $69.99

Wanna guess how much I bought it for?!

Thirteen dollars and ninety-nine cents plus tax!!!!!  I know, right?  It’s quite large too, and canvas!  I love how bright the colors are, how peaceful the scene is.  I haven’t a clue where I’m going to put it, but it will end up somewhere (and then probably somewhere else), redecorating happens a lot around here.

Hope you’re having a lovely Saturday (or Sunday depending where you live!) 🙂



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