Repurposing Space

Hello Inspiration-Seekers and Welcome!

I don’t know about you, but I am always seeking new avenues for inspiration.  We live in an ever-changing world where inspiration can be fleeting, and for creative souls like us we must constantly evolve in an effort to maintain the inspiration high.

I love using things for a purpose that was not originally intended because often you will get unexpected, and inspiring, outcomes!  I try to use this philosophy in my jewelry, like making sea glass into a necklace, as  sea glass is technically trash!

This weekend’s project was creating a new studio space!  I needed fresh energy, a new vibe and some organization to jumpstart the flow of inspiration I’ve been recently lacking.  And I found it in a rather unusual place… the kitchen!  Specifically the “breakfast nook,” which has been a waste of space for some time now.  We never used it to sit down and eat, it just wasn’t functional.  Kind of like formal living rooms that are so fancy nobody actually sits in there.  Except this wasn’t fancy, just useless!


the “breakfast nook” before

It’s cute right? The chairs may as well have been made for the cats to lounge on, and all of the surfaces either collected dust or junk (or both), it became our catch-all.  Not anymore my friends!  This small space has been transformed…


Isn’t it lovely?!  The desk is the same my mother used when she was a child, and the window painting makes me feel like I am looking right out at the ocean!  The organization of all my materials and projects is like a big sigh of relief that opens up space in my head to work.  Needless to say, I am very pleased with the outcome!

What inspires you the most?  What do you do to clear space in your head and get the inspiration juices flowing?  Share the love my friends!



5 thoughts on “Repurposing Space

  1. It looks great! I love reorganizing space. 🙂 I recently got some furniture that used to belong to my grandmother. The two matching armchairs and their footrest occupy a space near my window and shelves. The cats love them! I also hope to sit there to read and do needlepoint when my neck and shoulder behave more. I got another piece of furniture but I need to repaint it before putting it in my room.

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  2. Love the light airy feel of your space! My office/studio (shared with my rabbit) is rather dark, so I’m always moving into our dining room with its huge window and lots of light. If not for tax issues, I’d be sequestering the dining room for my office!

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