30 Days of Silver Linings


I am on a mission my friends!  I am stinkin’ sick to death of the negative energy I have been living with lately, so I’m going to work harder at appreciating the positives in any given day.  This isn’t a “challenge” and I am not asking anybody to do this with me (though please feel free if you’d like and be sure to let me know).  This is just me working on me, and sharing it with you 🙂

So here’s the deal.  I will post a picture that somehow corresponds with the silver lining of the day.  I may write a lot about it, I may only write a line about it.  I am going to TRY to do this every day for the next thirty days, and I say try because I am not going to beat myself up if I miss a day.  This is about finding positivity and encouraging it to flow around me by recognizing it, especially on the bad days.

Today wasn’t a terrible day.  But it wasn’t a good day either.  After being at work for a few hours the negative thoughts started seeping in.  An hour after that I was engulfed in the negative spin cycle.  I just wanted OUT!!!  I left about an hour early because, lets face it, I am not going to let a job destroy me like that.  Sometimes you have to do things for yourself, as one of my dear friends told me this afternoon.

And what do you know, today’s silver lining was waiting for me in the mailbox when I got home!


Feed me tacos & tell me I’m pretty

My new shirt came today!!!  This is definitely a silver lining, I mean, it’s an awesome shirt right?!  Sometimes it’s all about the little things my friends 🙂



20 thoughts on “30 Days of Silver Linings

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  5. You know what I love the most about this idea? Implied within the very name of your project — “silver linings” — is the acknowledgement that difficult stuff is happening, BUT you are still able to find something good. It’s honest about the tough stuff, and yet, still positive. I love it!

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    • Thank you!!! I chose silver linings for the exact reason you stated 🙂 I tend to be very pessimistic (major depression can do that to you) so I am trying to be an active participant in finding my own happiness. Thanks so much for stopping by, you will be seeing a lot more of me around your blog!


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