Sunday Musings

Hello Sunday

Hello Sunday

Another day has dawned here in sunny southern Florida.  My weekend alarm clock consists of demanding meows and wet dog kisses pleading for their morning grub.  I woke much earlier than I wanted but remained in the warm comfort of my bed, silently protesting the start of the day.  Now, sitting in front of my precious old MacBook, sipping coffee and contemplating.

I picture myself on a little porch overlooking a lake watching a family of ducks with a light breeze tickling my skin.  I think of my favorite authors; Vonnegut, Keruac, HST… and wonder what one of them would see through my eyes.  It reminds me I need to re-read some of my old favorites and let their wisdom enrich my soul once more.  I miss being a college student.  Hanging out on campus before and between classes, people watching or perusing the vendors, it was such an inspiring atmosphere, knowledge buzzing through the air like electricity.  <—THAT is what I miss.  I want to find that feeling again, like the world is laid out before you and all you have to do is soak it in.  I must find that again somewhere.


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