Add “Logo Designer” to My Resume

And the Contortum Designs logo was born! What do you think?!

Tammie Painter

While I may debate about whether my time on social media is worthwhile, sometimes you just never know what’s going to happen on the Internet. Case in point, thanks to Twitter, I can now add “Logo Designer” to my increasingly varied resume.

Once Upon a Time…

art, creativeIn a faraway land called the Twitterverse, I was introduced to a chick from Florida who designs and makes jewelry. As these things happen, we clicked via silly comments and exchanges and a virtual friendship was formed in a non-stalkerish sort of way. Okay maybe a little stalker-esque because we started following one another’s blogs and, once I finally caved in and joined the masses on Facebook, we friended each other there as well. Oh, and don’t forget Google+ (although I often do).

Part of what kept me interested was Abbie’s (short for Abigail) creative spirit. Now, I’ve seen some homemade jewelry…

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