Changes For YOU

Contortum Designs is embracing change!

I am in the process of making some changes to better serve you, my (potential) customers!  First, I am starting a Contortum Designs Newsletter to keep you informed.  If you choose to sign up here’s what you’ll get:

  • 1-2 emails per month (at most)
  • New products (pictures and descriptions) right to your inbox
  • Special sales for subscribers only
  • And more!

Just click HERE to subscribe!

(FYI the first newsletter will contain a super sale just in time for Mother’s Day!)


In other news, I have enlisted the services of my very talented writer/artist friend Tammie Painter to help me design a trademark image for Contortum Designs!  I am super excited about it but I can’t give away any details, just know that it’s coming and you will be seeing it soon!!!  It will make its debut in the very first Contortum Designs Newsletter 😉


Recently I was perusing my favorite jewelry supply company’s website looking for chains, and I came across a chain that is changing the way I sell necklaces!  Have you ever wanted to wear a particular pendant for an event, but the chain is either too short or too long?  Did you ever think to yourself it would be nice to have one chain for all occasions? Contortum Designs is now offering an adjustable sterling silver chain with every pendant!  This diamond-cut curb chain features a lobster clasp that is attached to a silicone-lined bead that keeps the bead secure on the chain but allows you to slide the bead along the chain to adjust the length up to 20 inches (maximum), and the end of the chain is finished with a precious tiny heart charm!  Check it out…

I have tried it out for myself and it is truly my new favorite chain!  The little heart is so charming, don’t you think?!  I realize this chain isn’t perfect for everyone so…

I have added some new products to the Etsy shop (  I am now offering chains of different styles and lengths, which can be purchased individually or as a substitute for the chain that comes with a Contortum Designs pendant.  The following options are now available…

I am still working out some kinks, like how to make it super easy (one click) to substitute the adjustable chain for one of the other options, please bear with me during this process!


There is another change on its way, so if you want to be the first to know sign up for the newsletter because that is where it will be revealed!!!


Much thanks, as always…



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