Grocery Shopping Hell

I have never been interested in the fine art of cooking.  And I do believe cooking is an art, because when I look at a slab of raw meat I do not see a mouth-watering steak!  Besides, I do not plan out my hunger schedule, when I am hungry I want to eat immediately.  Cooking takes planning and time, something I have never cared for.  It even comes naturally for some people, they just know what ingredients will taste good when combined and don’t need to measure or follow a specific recipe.  I, however, am clueless in the kitchen.  The full extent of my cooking knowledge lies within two things; scrambled eggs with bacon and grilled cheese.  It’s sad, I know.  The only reason I have not yet starved to death is take-out, delivery and fast food.  That is until I met the love of my life 🙂 he is wonderful in the kitchen!

I digress.

For awhile now I have had the desire to eat healthier and actually have options in the house for when I find myself hungry.  And while my husband cooks great dinners, he is not much for keeping the kitchen stocked with more than what he will need for one meal (bless his sweet little heart).  I never know what to buy because I don’t know what he needs to make anything, so I typically just go to the store for beer and/or wine, and maybe a few snacks.

In my desire to be healthier I decided smoothies would be a great start, and I was right!  Bananas, frozen blueberries, peanut butter, vanilla yogurt, a little milk and ice all blended up together = awesomeness.  My husband even likes them and he typically refuses to consume anything in the morning other than coffee, so that’s saying something!

After a few days of the same smoothie I decided I needed to be smarter about this whole venture.  So I went to the grocery store today.  I even made a list!  I walked into Publix, grabbed a cart with my list in hand, and started off in produce.  I got more bananas, some oranges, fresh spinach… all easy enough.  Little did I know that the rest of the stuff on my list came in five million different options spread out across every single isle.  How is it that there are fifty different kinds of white rice?  And why aren’t the refried beans with the rest of the canned beans?  Wth are rolled oats?  Well the refried beans are with the taco stuff, but tortillas are not, tortillas are next to the bread ten isles away from the taco stuff.  I gave up on the rice after calling my husband, he said we already had rice at home (probably should have checked that when making my list).

Needless to say, I was lost in grocery shopping hell.  My list wasn’t even very long!  So apparently it’s not just cooking that is an art, but knowing where to find the ingredients you need in the grocery store is an art all its own.  Don’t worry, I feel as stupid as I sound.  But seriously, who knew grocery shopping could be so confusing?!

By the time I got to check-out I felt like I’d gotten my ass kicked, but the real ass kicking comes when they tell you how much it all costs.


9 thoughts on “Grocery Shopping Hell

  1. The grocery store I go to was recently remodeled and cannot find crud in there at times. I asked the cashier a few weeks back as to why it has to be so difficult to find things. He stated that a branding company was hired to lay out the store – I hear bells going off – ding, ding – I get it the more time we spend in there the more money we spend too – clever, expensive and frustrating!

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  2. Too true! Now try that with a toddler who will only go down aisle 1 for cucumber and aisle 7 for chocolate buttons! I try and grab other things as we pass but I haven’t been able to make it to the bread aisle for a week!

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