Just Another Day In The Life


I’m kinda going through a lot right now.

One week ago I had a tumor on the tip of my right hand thumb.

It may not look like much, but it had been growing for two years.  It made making jewelry more difficult (and painful), it messed up the way my nail grew, and it was kinda ugly!  You wouldn’t believe the way people would look at it and the things they would say.

So I got Xrays and an MRI and met with a surgeon.  Turns out it wasn’t just ugly, it was pushing on the bone too.  The surgeon thought it needed to be excised immediately and a week later I went under the knife.

Tomorrow marks a week since my surgery and it has been an interesting one!  I am right handed and currently have no use of my right hand thumb.  I am a medical assistant, I can’t work without full use of both hands.  I am a woman; I have to wash, blowdry and straighten my hair.  Well, “have to” is debatable on that last one, but I think most women will understand!

I know it may seem like surgery on one’s thumb is not that major, and it’s true that it wasn’t life threatening, but it’s pretty debilitating.  Remember that warning at the top of this post?  Well I’m about to show you what I’m dealing with 🙂 


Isn’t it lovely?!  It has been both difficult and not as difficult as I thought it would be, as far as what I can and can’t accomplish throughout the day.  Showering is definitely harder because I can’t get it wet and have to wear a cast protector.  Try washing your left arm with your left hand, it’s kind of impossible.  Putting my hair in a ponytail, very difficult.  And man, if I move the wrong way, it is like an electric shock to my thumb; it is a searing pain.  Typing is a little challenging, it doesn’t come as naturally and I’ve been making way more mistakes.

What I have accomplished is pretty amazing, if I do say so myself.  Our house has never been as clean as it is right now!  I have vacuumed, steam cleaned the floors, cleaned the kitchen, done countless loads of laundry, re-decorated the living room (furniture and walls), cleaned out both closets and got rid of a lot of junk.   So yeah, I haven’t exactly been resting or just sitting around watching television!

It is great to have had the time to do all of that stuff, it’s hard to keep up with it when working full time.  But I am so ready to go back to work!  I don’t like knowing that I’m not bringing in a paycheck, especially after how much my surgery cost.  I thought they would give me some hours as there are things I can do aside from just assisting the doctor with patients, but it seems they don’t want me to come in until I can do my full duties.  Problem with that is I don’t get my stitches out until the 24th and I’ve been out since the ninth.  Even then I don’t know if I will have total use of my thumb right away.  Making jewelry is out of the question and unfortunately I rarely make sales in my Etsy shop.

I hate worrying about money!  Everyone tells me not to worry about it, but how can I not?  I don’t need or want to be “rich” but damn, I sure wouldn’t mind being comfortable – like financially stable, ya know?

Well anyway, c’est la vie…  When you boil it down, this is just one more thing to get through.  We’ve had hard times in the past, we are experiencing one now, and there will be more to come in the future.  In the end, we always seem to get through it.


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