Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Blogger

That would be me; Abigail the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad blogger!

It has been a ridiculously long time since I sat down to write anything, or even update my pages, and now I don’t even know where to start!  I suppose my first distraction from writing was planning my wedding.  My husband and I got married at the courthouse in May but we decided to plan a party that would give enough notice to family and friends who wanted to travel here to celebrate with us, so the party was just last weekend!  I did all of the planning myself, so needless to say it was a lot of work!  It turned out better than I could have ever imagined, it was honestly the most wonderful day/night of my entire life!  But that is a story for another time when I have all of the pictures back to share!  (for a sneak peak check out my best friend/photographer’s blog Lovato Images!)

Another HUGE distraction was finding out that my mother had a malignant tumor on her lung a few months ago.  Yeah, not kidding when I said huge distraction.  There are not enough words in any language to describe how much I love my mama, or how difficult this news was to process and accept.  I was terrified.  She went through a litany of tests before she could have surgery, and yet she was determined to be here for my party, so she scheduled her surgery for after.  I tried to argue that her health was obviously much more important, but she wouldn’t hear it, and her doctor’s told her it was ok to wait.  It meant the world to me having her here and being able to spend time with her before her surgery, and it was agonizing when she left and went into surgery the very next day.  I wanted nothing more than to be by her side when she woke up, but she insisted that I stay and maintain my responsibilities here (like work).  I am thrilled to say that the surgery was successful and according to the surgeon she is now cancer free!!!!  It is going to be a long road to recovery for her, and again I wish I could be there, but I know she is in good hands and I just have to be grateful for that.

Through all of this I have been working full-time, which comes with it’s own challenges and frustrations, but that’s life right?!  I just haven’t had the time or energy to write or even make new pieces of jewelry lately.  What I’ve been doing with the little spare time I have had is read.  It is so easy to get lost in other worlds within the confines of a book, and I’ve loved it.  In case you’re interested, here’s what I’ve been reading in the past six months…
It all started with Orbs by Nicholas Sansbury Smith who happens to be a friend from high school but more importantly an incredible writer!
Then I read The Trials of Hercules by Tammie Painter who is also a friend and fellow blogger, and it was a fabulous read!
Finally Orbs II was released so I dove right into it and loved every second!
After that I started a series called A Shade of Vampire that totaled 6 books which I flew through at quite an incredible rate because I just couldn’t stop!
Most recently I finished Wool Omnibus Edition which was the whole series (5 books) in one, not as good as the previous books/series I’ve mentioned but still a very good read.

So yeah, A LOT of reading, and I highly recommend all of them!

But now it is time for me to rekindle my passion and desire for making jewelry!  I have made a few sales in the past months but have not created anything new.  My next project is a custom piece requested by a lovely lady I met through my job – beach rocks that are shaped like hearts and wrapped into pendants!

Hopefully over the next few weeks/months I will find myself sitting here and writing a lot more, sharing my pictures and jewelry designs… that’s my goal anyway!  To those of you who are reading this, thank your for not giving up on me!!!



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