Raspberry Keytones Day 3

For the first post in this series click HERE

I have now had two full days of taking raspberry keytones to aide in my weight-loss mission.  I can’t say I have noticed too many changes in how I feel yet.  I’ve been taking one upon waking up in the morning, which I do believe has suppressed my appetite a bit, though it is hard to be sure.  I have been taking the second one before dinner, as my husband and I typically skip lunch, and I seem to be staying up later at night.  Normally I’m ready for bed about 10:00 and my husband likes to stay up a bit later, and the past few nights it has been easier for me to stay up with him.

I should mention that my husband and I are both off from work for the week so this schedule is temporary.  When I am back at work I will take one in the morning and one before lunch, as recommended.  I am interested to see how I will feel once back at work.  I am hoping I will feel less hungry between breakfast and lunch, and more energized after lunch to finish out the day.

The most important thing to mention is, so far, there have been no adverse side effects.  And I say that as someone who takes medications for depression and anxiety.  It has not made me feel more anxious – YAY!

I wish I had more to say about this experiment right now, but it’s just too soon to tell!  I will write again in a few days and see how I’m feeling!  Thank you so much for reading and check back soon!



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