Raspberry Ketone Weightloss Mission

Back in 2012 Dr. Oz talked about raspberry keytones to aide in weight loss.   Of course there is a ton of controversy over whether it works or not and, not surprisingly, there are a million different companies that sell their own “special blend” utilizing raspberry keytones.

2012 I am not typically one to try diet pills, most of them make my anxiety go through the roof.  But raspberry keytones are a naturally occurring chemical in red raspberries, so I thought I would see what “blends” were all (or mostly) natural.  It’s impossible to find every ingredient for most of them because each company has it’s trade secrets and just refer to their ingredients as a “proprietary blend.”  Anywho, I found one that seemed mostly natural, utilizing green tea and other similar ingredients.  It did not make my anxiety spike, curbed my appetite, gave me a little extra energy, and approximately a month after I started taking them I was receiving oodles of compliments on my weight loss!  I never weighed myself because I’m not into numbers, I’m more interested in whether I see a change in the mirror or the way my clothes fit.  If I had to put a number on it I would say I lost between 10 and 15 pounds, and I felt great.  I did not order more as they were a bit expensive at the time and I have since put some of that weight back on, which is entirely my fault because I have horrible eating habits and do not work out.

The Present.  My husband and I have decided to give raspberry keytones another go, as we could both stand to lose a few pounds and our marriage celebration is coming up in December.  Why don’t we just eat healthier and start exercising?  Because we are lazy.  I’m not ashamed to admit it, I accepted my lazy nature many moons ago and don’t plan on changing my ways 🙂 Besides, I’m a foodie, I love almost all food that is greasy and fattening!  I digress…

I ordered two bottles of the raspberry keytones so we could each have our own and they arrived yesterday!  We are not weighing ourselves and I’m too shy (or something like that) to post a picture of my chubby body at this time.  Maybe a month from now I’l post a before and after… maybe.  What I will do is blog about this experience, how I’m feeling, what (if anything) changes, etc.  The bottle says to take one immediately upon waking up and another one 30 minutes before lunch.  Due to the time they arrived in the mail yesterday we only took one in the late afternoon, and I think it did give me energy because we stayed up past midnight whereas I am usually out cold by ten thirty!  We took another one this morning upon waking, and we will probably wait to take another until before dinner as we typically skip lunch (I know, another bad eating habbit).  My first observation, aside from extra energy, is a raspberry after taste, which I love!  It even tastes like raspberries when you burp (which I, as a lady, never do)!

Even though this same blend of raspberry keytones seemed to work for me a few years ago, this is still an experiment.  I am not promoting diet pills or even raspberry keytones, simply sharing my experience in trying to drop a few pounds.  I am by no means obese but I would love to lose about 30 pounds, and I’m interested to see how close (or far) from that I will be in 30 days.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this, or your own experiences with weight loss or the use of raspberry keytones!  And feel free to leave comments of encouragement too 🙂



5 thoughts on “Raspberry Ketone Weightloss Mission

  1. I tired the raspberry ketones once and stopped after a week. I didn’t cut my food back too much and I wasn’t exercising any more than normal but on the RKs I was painfully hungry all the time. Stopped the RKs and didn’t change my eating or exercise habits and the desperate feeling of hunger stopped. All I can say is it must have boosted my metabolism! Probably too much…and that was only on half the recommended dosage.


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