Words To Express My Love

As many of you know, I am a newlywed 🙂 You also may know that my husband and I threw tradition to the wind with our courthouse nuptials and rather than having a “white wedding” (I can’t even type that without laughing) we decided to throw a big party to celebrate our marriage!  Because honestly, the best part about weddings is the reception, amiright?!

The party is exactly 105 days from today, invitations went out this week, and my dress should come in next month!  The dress is amazing, and definitely not white!  I digress… Traditionally speaking, vows are spoken at a ceremony, but we aren’t having a ceremony so I’ve decided to say a few words in front of family and friends at our party.  Here’s the thing…

What words will convey my love for this man?

 Are there any words, no matter how delicately strung together, that can express the intense emotions I have regarding my husband?  I have always been better at writing my feelings than saying them, and I’m pretty good at evoking/expressing emotion when I have the time to write and re-write the sentiments floating around in my head.  But this is bigger than that.  I want it to be the most eloquent, most passionate use of words I have ever strung together for any reason, because this is the BEST reason to put my use of language to work.

What did you say on your wedding day?  Yes, YOU, my friends and fellow bloggers (well those of you who are married)!  Did you write your own vows? Do you remember your vows?  Were they short and sweet?  Did you cry during the delivery of them?  Do you remember the vows your significant other said to you?

This is the part where I plead for your answers… I would love, love, LOVE to read the vows shared between you and your honey!  Don’t worry, I won’t plagiarize 🙂 Not only will you inspire me but it will be a good exercise in remembering how you felt the day you tied the knot!  You know I’m right, so DON’T BE SHY!



4 thoughts on “Words To Express My Love

  1. My husband and and I did what you did – although we made our justice of the peace marry us on the beach, then had our big celebration later. We just stuck to the normal vows and made no speeches at the reception. Instead, we had a running slide show of our giddy smiles and goofy antics on the beach from our wedding, we looked like a couple of kids who just got what they wanted for Xmas. I don’t think words are qualified to express love…I guess that’s why I don’t write greeting cards. Stay happy, you two!


  2. I’m getting married in 17 days and we decided to write our own vows. While I’m like you, and express things much better in written word, I tackled my vow early on and tweak it just about daily. My fiance, on the other hand, hates the idea of having to write out his own feelings and would much rather just read something that’s been written for him.

    I did all kinds of research and modified phrases from vow examples online and added my own thoughts and feelings. I’m fairly confident my fiance will simply copy and paste from other vows, but both are ok. 🙂 I don’t want him to feel uncomfortable in front of everyone, but I also want us each to have the opportunity to say what we really want to say to each other in that moment.

    We’re both shooting for about 150-170 words in the same format:
    2 sentence introduction (Not like, “Hi, my name is XXXX”, but more so like, “I’m so glad to be here today”.)
    2 sentences with some nice stuff about the significant other (You’re just so pretty… but deeper than that.)
    2 sentences about how your life is different/better/changed because of the significant other (You complete me… but better than that.)
    2 sentences about your promise to the significant other today (Today, I promise…)

    I hope this helps!


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