A Bender Unable To Bend

So I am sitting here in the garage, which seems to be the place I get my writing done, typically on weekend mornings, and alas, it’s Saturday!

I have been far less productive on the creative front as of late darlings, and I hate to admit it.  Times are tough living paycheck to paycheck and at this time I cannot afford the wire I so desperately need.  I am a bender bot (Futurama anyone?!) with nothing to bend!  Well, that’s not entirely true… I have wire, in fact I have lots of wire, but the particular wire I use in some form for every piece I make is what I am out of.

Also, as some of you may have noticed, I have been much less active in the blogosphere in the past few months.  I have found myself at a loss for words, or at least at a loss for words I think others would care to read.  Writer’s block?  Perhaps… but I hate that term.  I write my most powerful pieces when I am in the midst of depression, in my opinion, and I am not depressed – which is a good thing, obviously, but here I sit babbling somewhat incoherently with no direction in what’s coming next.

When I first started this blog I was almost terrified of running out of things to say.  And when I haven’t written for awhile I hesitate to come back out of some deranged guilt and fear that I still have nothing to say.  So in an effort to put fingers on keys I am writing this, this nothingness about having nothing to write about.  It’s a vicious circle darlings.

I am going to end this fruitless post and attempt to write another with an actual topic to discuss 🙂 Just know you are all always on my mind and in my heart…


2 thoughts on “A Bender Unable To Bend

  1. I feel for your stress of being too busy to be creative – even writing full time I feel like overwhelmed with the business side of writing and that I’m losing out on creative time. If your lack of funds gets you down, look at the bright side…it could inspire you to delve into recycled/re-purposes materials. And don’t worry, when you make the jewelry for my movies, I will totally have the studios fund you with oodles of cash!


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