My Weekly Catch-Up

Fear not friends, I have not forgotten about you!

I think about you, my blog, your blogs and writing every day but lately my mind and schedule have been swimming at full capacity keeping me from my iPad mini.  I have so much I want to tell you, and I will, eventually.  My next post, I’m warning you now, is long – and I’m terribly afraid it will be of no interest to anyone other than myself.  However, the contents of said post have been taking up valuable space in my brain and once I started typing I just couldn’t stop.  You have been warned.

Every week I have a bit of a ritual when it comes to catching up with the blogosphere.  There are roughly five or six blogs I follow via email and all week their posts fill up my inbox, reminding me that I’m missing out on all the good stuff!  Finally when Sunday comes I have time to sit down, coffee in hand, and catch up.  It’s like a weekly family reunion for me!  So if you’ve ever noticed that I like/comment on multiple posts on Sundays, this is why.  It is a ritual I thoroughly enjoy, not only do I catch up with “the fam” but I try to soak in as many different blogs/posts as I can, and typically spend upwards of five hours doing it!  The only problem I come across is my butt gets sore and numb from sitting in the same positions for so long, but I can handle it 😉

My own writing schedule has changed drastically as of late and I am disappointed in myself because of it.  I was trying to post every Monday and Wednesday, if not more; and this coincided with my work schedule.  Well my work schedule has gone to shit and I’m having trouble organizing my time.  My promise to both you and myself is to work on this, and get back to some kind of schedule.  Please bare with me in the meantime!

Being that today is June 15th, and therefore FATHER’S DAY, I want to wish all of you wonderful Papas out there a wonderful and relaxing day filled with love and laughter!!!



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