What’s Been Going On

I feel like there is something holding me back, or maybe it’s just all of the schedule changes, or the sciatica that is practically paralyzing me at the moment… I don’t know.  But every time I go to sit down and write I walk away.  So I am forcing myself, in a good way, to start writing again.

My job as a High Hopes Group Facilitator for CASTLE has come to an end as the kids are out of school for the summer.  I did enjoy the kids, but I was driving a thousand miles a week traveling from school to school.  I will definitely not miss that aspect.  I get roughly 5-10 calls per day from the VNA changing my schedule, so I’m not getting many hours, and the constant phone calls get quite confusing.

There are, however, some good things going on!  You may (or may not) have noticed the new banner on my blog…image22.jpg

and you may (or may not) have noticed the badge on the side of my blog that looks like this…image

Well, I collaborated with the amazing Adam (aka Chowderhead) to get a custom designed banner, and I definitely got my money’s worth!  I was probably the most annoying client Adam has ever worked with, I was not clear about what I wanted at all and kind of even contradicted myself when trying to explain.  Luckily Adam assured me that I wasn’t annoying him (those are the good kinds of lies) and just kept working on it until I loved it!  I would definitely work with Adam again and I suggest you check out his work, I bet you’ll want him to create something for you too!

You may (or may not) remember my post entitled Featured Artist, where I discussed a magazine that asked if I would like to be a featured artist for their summer issue.  Well friends, it is now available for viewing!  Simply click HERE to check it out!!!

Finally, a few pictures of what’s coming to the Contortum Designs Etsy Shop!

 I hope you’ve all had a lovely week, and that your weekend is even more lovely!!!



12 thoughts on “What’s Been Going On

  1. Always the good with the bad, isn’t it? Hang in there, and hey, at least your website looks great (even if you copied me and got a new banner the same week I got a new banner)!


  2. Thanks for the write up, Abbie! I’m not familiar with the condition, but I hope everything straightens itself out for you. And if you ever need anything hemmed or altered on that banner, let me know and I’ll take care of it for ya \m/


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