The Knot Is Tied – And Other Good Stuff

Happy Hump Day My Friends!

I have been one busy little lady in the past week, you’ll have to excuse my absence as I was slightly preoccupied with getting MARRIED!!!

I swear those sunglasses are permanently attached to his head

I swear those sunglasses are permanently attached to his head

We are not the traditional type when it comes to weddings and such.  My sister had the huge church thing with everybody she ever knew invited, I was the maid of honor, it was a beautiful wedding – but not my style.  We have been engaged for over a year and the only thing that has stopped us is our inability to afford a wedding – even the very small one I had envisioned.  So last week, upon determining we would be in our 40s by the time we could afford a wedding, we decided to simply go to the courthouse!  Well here in Florida there is a three day waiting period once you sign the marriage license before you can get it notarized and it’s “official.”  We don’t know if our anniversary is the day we went to the courthouse, or the day it was notarized, or if it will be the day the court processes it – but nonetheless we are now officially married!  We will have a reception to celebrate with friends and family down the road, hopefully November/December-ish.  We couldn’t be happier!  And despite some people’s opinions, I am NOT pregnant!!!


Apparently marriage suits me well, as I have learned in the past few days how to make wire wrapped earrings!!!  I am really excited about this because I have wanted to expand from just making pendants for quite some time!  I attempted wire wrapped rings back in January and it was basically an epic failure.  Well I shouldn’t say that because I will be going back to it and trying again, but the first time around was not pretty and totally frustrating.  The funny thing is that the earring design is almost exactly the same as that of the ring, so maybe now that I’m doing well with the earrings I should give rings another shot.  Anyway, on to the pictures!

Blue Jasper Wire Wrapped Earrings

Blue Jasper Wire Wrapped Earrings

Aren’t they great?!  I am just in love with them!  So I made another pair…


These are also blue jasper and both pairs are NOW AVAILABLE on Contortum Designs Etsy shop!!!  The first pair are a bit longer than the second by about half an inch, for those who don’t like super long dangly earrings 🙂

Well friends, that’s my story for today!  Let me know what you think about the earrings!



38 thoughts on “The Knot Is Tied – And Other Good Stuff

  1. Huge doses of congratulations! Big weddings are overrated…my husband and I got married in the beach with only a couple witnesses and we’re just as married as the people spending $20,000 to get hitched.


  2. Like like like like like!
    Congratulations on your nuptials, you dark horse, you. I had a big wedding (as I’d not had a party since I was 7), but if I ever do it again I’d do it your way. You two look so happy.
    I suggest you take a minimum of a 3-day anniversary every year, just to make sure you cover all bases. 😉
    Beautiful earrings too.


  3. Married? I am so excited for you! I love that you and Zac did it YOUR way! And I like above posters idea of a three day anniversary.


      • Oh sweet girl… Trish didn’t tell me……my fault for sure…….big mouth and all……but I am so excited for your celebration. Congrats and hugs to U and Z. Can’t wait to celebrate your well found love!


  4. Belated Congratulations to you both! I have a theory about weddings….from what I’ve seen those big blowouts people have for the big white wedding don’t guarantee a long-lived marriage. But almost everyone I know who marries like I did (in a park with about 10 people there and nothing fancy at all) or you did is in it for the long-haul. Therefore, get comfortable! 🙂


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