Personal Stylist? Yes Please!

Have you ever wanted your very own personal stylist?  Is the town you live in scarce on good shopping?  Would you rather skip the mall and have things delivered to your door?  Me too!!! So, if this describes you then you must know about Stitch Fix, right?!


Omigosh you guys, this is like the best thing since the concept of delivery was introduced!  I live in a little tiny town with a terrible mall and anything good is catered to the ultra rich.  I’m also not huge on crowds, so you won’t find me at the mall unless absolutely necessary.  Even when I do go shopping I feel like I can never find my style, or if I find my style they don’t have my size – it’s so frustrating!  Then a friend told me about Stitch Fix and I am really impressed.

You go to their website and create an account, after which they will take you through setting up your style profile.  They ask every question about your style, your size, your clothing/jewelry/purse needs – everything, so they can pick things out just for you!  Then you schedule your first fix and wait for it to arrive in the mail!  You will receive a box with five items in it for you to try on, they include a style guide with tips on how to wear the pieces, you keep what you like and put the rest in the return envelope they include in the box!  Then you sign into your account online, you can say how each piece fit, if you liked the style, if it was too expensive, etc. so they can better understand your needs.  And you check out from there, paying for the items you chose to keep.  The best part is the styling fee, it’s only $20 per fix to have your very own personal stylist and that money goes towards the items you purchase!  If you buy all five items you get a 25% discount on the entire purchase.  The more feedback you give, the better they are at finding items you’ll love!  It’s a pretty amazing idea with a very personalized touch that really surprised me.  I highly recommend giving them a try and wanted to let all of my fashionista readers in on the secret 😉

Happy shopping, darlings!!!


10 thoughts on “Personal Stylist? Yes Please!

  1. My friend,( wink, wink) wants something that would enhance his male sexuality the way low cut dresses and blowses do things for women’s sexuality. Can you help? I am being held hostage and was forced to write this.


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