Contortum Designs For Everyone!

First I would like to announce that my latest piece is now available for purchase!  You can find it HERE or by clicking on the image below!

Blue Jasper Trifecta Necklace

Blue Jasper Trifecta Necklace

I have recently had a few inquiries regarding Contortum Designs Etsy shop’s availability to ship internationally (yayyyy), and am proud to let you know that YES – I ship internationally!  The cost of shipping internationally is only a few dollars more than shipping within the United States, a measly $8.00, totally reasonable right?!  So all of my international friends, head on over to the Contortum Designs Etsy shop and spend all of your hard earned money 🙂

And because I am so excited to ship internationally, the first international order will receive FREE SHIPPING!!!  So if you want to be the person who gets free shipping, enter coupon code YAYYINTERNATIONAL at checkout!  But like I said, only the first international order will qualify and this rare opportunity is only available until MAY 31, 2014!!!

I hope you all have a fantabulous weekend which I look forward to reading about in the coming week!  XOXO

***FYI – I have received my first international order! Hooray!!!  Unfortunately for the rest of you, the offer for free shipping is expired, though cost of shipping is still very reasonable!


13 thoughts on “Contortum Designs For Everyone!

  1. I love your creations so much! It’s wonderful that you now ship internationally! And $8 is really nothing! Had I have some money to spend, I would probably be doing more than just drooling over your pretties!


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