Interrupting Your Regularly Scheduled Program

Hey guys ~ I don’t have but a minute to write though I wanted to give you a little update.  My schedule has changed drastically and I’ve been running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off (great mental image, right?)!

I’m back on the job hunt, anyone know of legitimate opportunities to work from home?  Please comment or message me if you do!

I think I am going to delete the Jam of the Week page, as nobody seems to look at it.  Anyone out there want me to keep it?  If not, it shall be deleted henceforth, lol.

I do most, if not all of my writing on my iPad mini with a bluetooth keyboard, which I love.  However, I cannot attach documents from the ipad, which is essential in applying for jobs.  So I am looking at buying a mini laptop and if any of you have advice for me in this search I would greatly appreciate it!  Dell? HP?  Can off-brands be trusted?  If money weren’t an issue I’d buy another Mac, but money is an issue.

As far as Contortum Designs goes I have made a new, and spectacular (if I do say so myself) piece over the weekend!  I haven’t listed it for sale yet, so you’re about to see it before you can buy it!


Be sure and check out the Contortum Designs Etsy Shop often for new listings!

I hope you’re all having a fabulous and productive week ~ XOXO


22 thoughts on “Interrupting Your Regularly Scheduled Program

  1. Good luck with the job search. I hope something comes along soon.
    I’ve no idea about the mini laptop thing. I’m stuck using my phone as our family laptop died and I have no funds for a replacement.


  2. I love your jewelry creations! Good luck with the job hunt! Regarding computers, I always recommend HP, because the computers (both desktop and laptops) I’ve had from this brand have been extremely reliable and long lasting.


  3. Your latest piece is stunning! Very sorry to hear that you need to find a new job – I wish you luck. What you say about the iPad mini has made me decide not to buy one when I was on the verge! I’m only Mac so I can’t advise on any other laptop. What a nightmare.


  4. MAC is ever genius 🙂 Since money is an issue , I would suggest dell within 50k . I too bought a DELL Inspiron 15 3537 a month back . I was in a fuss about , HP and Dell .

    HP is also equally good ,with its services , but DELL has a better sturdy build quality 🙂 And , this particular DELL model I spoke about is nice with the configuration as well within this range 🙂

    There are lenovo , ASUS , you may get at a cheaper price , but I dont trust their working in long run . I am a college going student so a long working item is first priority .

    If you have your need list about , what you want at any cost , it would do even better suggesting for a bull’s eye 🙂 Goodluck !


    • I am a Mac girl at heart, I love their products, just so damn expensive! I looked at an ASUS but off-brands make me a little nervous! I will definitely check out the Dell you mentioned! Thanks for sharing your opinion!


      • I have many MAC lovers around , and its right too . MAC have the quality , no other has it . One must for once atleast experience that . For a student like me its not possible for now 🙂


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