Versatile, I am

I work as a home health aide and I facilitate groups for children whose parents are divorced or separated, I mentor an amazing homeless child, I make jewelry, I blog; I am a daughter, sister, fiancé and friend.  Yes, I think I’m a tad versatile 🙂  A big THANK YOU to Belsbror who nominated me for The Versatile Blogger Award, such an honor!


Seven things about me…

1. I love queso dip
2. I make jewelry but only wear my engagement ring
3. I am a spiritual being, though I’m not “religious”
4. I love how there are lizards everywhere in Florida
5. I tend to dislike things that are good for me, like exercise
6. I love discovering unique little shops or boutiques
7. I am a fiercely loyal person

Ok so that list is kinda boring, sorry folks 🙂

My nominations, in no particular order:
The Wandering Poet
Gluestick Mum
Latoya Davidson-Perez
She Drives a Vegetable Car
Tom’s Space
Jill’s Scene
Surgery At Tiffany’s
Keeping A Steady Pace
Sandy Deden
Creative Noodling
Drawn & Made
42 Days Younger Than Kylie

Check out these amazing versatile bloggers!  Every one of them is an important and valued part of my WordPress community.

***To my nominees – If you choose to participate then post the award badge on your blog, share seven things about yourself and nominate 15 other bloggers!

Much Love ~ XOXO


24 thoughts on “Versatile, I am

  1. This is amazing! Completely caught off guard by it. Thank you for this nomination. It means more than I can say… even as I try to say it! I’d better let the shock wear off before saying more!


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