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I have exciting news!  I was contacted yesterday about being a featured artist in a new magazine!  This is a first for me, so I’m pretty stoked.  They have asked me to provide a headshot, a brief bio, a few paragraphs about why I started making jewelry and any images or details I want included.  So I’m turning to you (yes, YOU) to help me decide what to include!

Headshot.  Oy.  Had I been asked for a headshot six years ago, no problemo – I lived in California and my best friend was (is) a professional photographer.  I am less fond of pictures of myself these days and I definitely don’t have any professional (current) headshots.  This is where you all come in.  Here are a few pics I kinda like…

Which is YOUR favorite?  Should I stick with the image I use over on Etsy, the black and white one?  Should I stick with a shot of me as a blonde, since that is my natural (and current) hair color?  I told you I needed help, and we’re not done yet 😉

Brief bio.  What information is pertinent about me?  What would someone want to know about an artist such as myself?  My name, obviously; my location – where I’m from or where I live now, or both; and, um… what else?  My education has nothing to do with my art and I don’t think people care that I am engaged.  Do I write it in the third person?  Like, “Abigail lives in the small coastal town of Vero Beach, Florida…”  Ok, lets give this a shot.

Abigail lives in the small coastal town of Vero Beach, Florida.  With a lifelong passion for making jewelry she opened her Etsy shop Contortum Designs in September of 2013.

I hate it, haha!  I am not a fan of talking about myself, like trying to promote myself.  I don’t have any major artistic achievements, neither of my two part-time jobs has anything to do with my jewelry.  So once again, I need your help people!

Now for images I want to include.  Should I use pictures of pieces that are currently for sale?  By the time the article is published the pieces might be sold, so maybe I should just pick my favorites regardless of their availability?  Here are some options…

You can see more images of my work on my pages Currently For Sale and Sold Pieces, or hop on over to the Contortum Designs Etsy Shop!  So what do you think?  Which images would you include?

I am so honored to have this opportunity, to share my passion and my work with a larger audience!  I would really appreciate any advice or opinions you all have, so please comment!!!



20 thoughts on “Featured Artist

  1. I think the top right, it’s a natural picture and it’s lovely, it’s in the sunshine, and it shows a bit of your personal style with the hair and a hint of your tattoos. With your products I love the top middle one, and I think that’d have a wide appeal, but the top right is also lovely. Perhaps just include a few choices that are really different to each other, to show your diversity. Also I think the product photos I mentioned with the landscape backgrounds and no hands in the shot are great!


  2. That’s wonderful news! Congratulations! I love the bottom right picture! Gorgeous! (and since blond is your natural and current hair color, accuracy is good). Regarding the bio, I understand how painful this can be. I think that short and to the point with info is fine and third person too. Going for your favorite (including recent) jewelry pieces would be the best option in my view.


  3. Hi Abigail,

    I’m looking forward to your feature in the magazine. Personally, I’d go with headshot bottom right. The bio is fine as is, but could you add a little as to why you started making such beautiful jewellery.

    As to the images, I can add a paragraph at the bottom saying “These items may already be sold. See “your website” for updates. Or something along those lines. And if you ask me, I’d love it if you included all the images + links.

    If you have any queries or reservations, you are always welcome to contact me. I don’t bite … promise.

    Warmest regards,



    • Thank you so much! I do have a question… should the bio be in first person or third? If you say I should use the bottom right photo, then I will take your word for it! How many images can I submit? I have written up the paragraphs on how I started, but I wanted to email everything at once (unless you’d like it in pieces). Again, thank you!


  4. Hi Abigail,

    I would love to buy a piece of jewellery from your Etsy store, but it seems you don’t post to the UK. Is there any way we can work something out as to postage/shipping?



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