Let Love Guide Your Spirit

I thought I would share with you some more of my past poetry (poems I wrote years ago)
This little gem is from 2005, written in all of my college idealistic glory 🙂

As I take a look around

most of what I’ve found

is people living in strife

as though the last thing that is precious is life

What people don’t understand

is we can all help each other succeed

if only we let LOVE replace greed

It’s really not as hard as people think

there’s no need to fear it

open up your heart

and let LOVE guide your spirit.

*I added a new video on my Jam Of The Week page so go check it out!!!


4 thoughts on “Let Love Guide Your Spirit

  1. Strife is built into our Genetic structure as is the nuturing instincts. After impregnation,it’s supposed to be all nuturing from there to the grave. But even in the womb abuse begins, in some cases,then after birth a different batttle begins,that often obscures the human vision and impairs the ability to recognise what is ‘true'(except for true science) and what is “US” the individual being. . . . being fed and regurgitating errant concepts as truths.Strife without unkindness is what we should be made to understand, is TRUE human nature. Curiosity and questioning until the spirit is satisfied that there are no more answers to every individual subject of a persons fancy,satisfies the soul and eventually all unkindness becomes repulsive. We are getting there with computers in hand and in homes. These 2 cents worth from a reformed, very,very bad boy, with a capital B.


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