Past Poetry – My Journey

My Journey
(circa 2008)

Welcome to the story of my life
My journey toward a deeper understanding
And the battles inside my head
I get through the day because the day gets through me
No matter how stuck I am time never sticks with me…

For the rest of the poem please click >>> HERE <<<



13 thoughts on “Past Poetry – My Journey

  1. Uh, this was published because
    it’s far too awesome not to be.
    Loved it. Completely.
    (Maybe it reminds me of my own poetry)
    The fourth and fifth lines were collectively
    Standing out amazingly. 😀


  2. I can’t speak about the other pieces in the book – but plainly this one deserved to be published. 8^). I like the way it doesn’t so much click along or flow gently, but rush. A lot of times, poems that try to do that just clatter along without really…working. Yours works.


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