Wednesday Ramblings

Hi Friends!

Once again we have reached the middle of the week *yawn* and boy am I ready for the weekend!  Problem is, Monday comes back around way too fast, amiright?!

I feel like my brain is going to explode because I have so much going on right now.  Most Some days I would much rather turn off my alarm and hide under my covers than fulfill my obligations, especially on Mondays and Wednesdays (my 12hr days).

This week:

  • Paid first months premium for Obama-care health insurance
  • Paid car insurance – the new car costs more to insure + adding collision coverage = 😦
  • Have to pay “careless driving” ticket from my accident (which is crazy because I swerved to avoid hitting anyone else, if that’s careless then I guess I don’t know the meaning of the word)
  • Applying for grad school = tons of paperwork and I have to write my personal statement (I’m not good at writing complimentary things about myself)
  • Applied for a full-time job, waiting to hear back
  • Added NEW PAGE on this here blog 🙂

So yeah, I have a lot on my plate!

The new page is called Jam Of The Week and each week I will feature a video of a song from my playlist, so check it out and jam with me!  This week’s song is by The Pretty Reckless and the video is killer!  I am not a music blogger so the page isn’t about reviewing or critiquing, just songs/videos that I love.

Thanks for stopping by, I truly appreciate your time and would love to hear your thoughts on any of this!



3 thoughts on “Wednesday Ramblings

  1. I know that one too familiarly. The urge to hide, so strong, must… resist… persist… Need to achieve, in myself to believe, nothing else will relieve, this feeling of pressure, except squeezing myself out of this contracting bubble and making something happen.


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