Let Kim Reach You

Recently I have been perusing the blogosphere and I have found some truly wonderful blogs out there.. you all ROCK!

So today I want to share with you a blog that has touched me deeply.  Her words resonated in me and I think you all will feel it too. Her name is Kim Saeed and her blog is called Let Me Reach with Kim Saeed.  Kim is on a mission to help survivors of narcissistic abuse, though she covers much more than that, and her posts are both uplifting and informative.  Here is a snippet of what she says on her About page…

Along the way, we pick up beliefs about ourselves…beliefs surrounding our worth and abilities. Negative dogma and negative people put their two cents in. These experiences cause many of us to forget who we are and leave us with a deep yearning; a yearning to experience more in life…love, happiness, joy, fulfillment. But mostly, to re-discover ourselves; to find our purpose; to reclaim the innocence and experience the world as it is meant to be experienced…

While the seasons pass, we find ways to forget what has hurt us. But, eventually, we have to come to terms with those hurts so we can finally be free to enjoy the love and the life that’s here for us. We don’t have to be victims of our past. We don’t have to settle. We can break free from the chains.

When I read this I felt like she was speaking directly to me and what I am experiencing in my life right now.  When you slow down and think about it, our lives are compiled of all the different experiences and people we have come in contact with.  If many of our experiences were negative, especially as children, we may have a more harsh outlook on life.  If we can understand why we are who we are and explore those experiences, we might be able to move forward with more positivity and hope.  Kim’s blog can help us with this, take us deeper into ourselves and encourage us to find strength.  Here is what you can find on Kim’s blog, in her words…

Topics that are covered on Let Me Reach include: surviving narcissistic abuse, No Contact, love-bombing, Narcissistic supply, cognitive dissonance, the devalue and discard phase, the power of self-love, and much more. As part of the holistic approach, readers will find healing recipes that restore the body’s delicate systems which have been thrown off-balance by chronic, long-term stress; information on how essential oils help with emotional release on the cellular level; and guided meditations to heal the psyche, raise the listener’s vibration, and repair DNA.

I can tell you one thing, Kim definitely has a faithful stalker follower in me!  I strongly encourage every last one of you to check out Let Me Reach with Kim Saeed, and let Kim reach you with her inspiring words.


14 thoughts on “Let Kim Reach You

  1. Thank you for sharing my site with your readers. It’s truly an honor and shows me that I am on the right path of serving and helping people heal themselves. This really means a lot…




  2. Reblogged this on betternotbroken and commented:
    Many of you following me are probably already following Kim, but if you are not her blog is a wonderful source of empowerment. Please check it out, what she says on her About page speaks to any of you who have taken words like “bossy” or “stupid” or “fat” to heart and believed them when those words spoke more about the person speaking them than you.


  3. Yes she is amazing…me too following her since I started blogging and her information has been such a huge source of my path to healing and thriving.


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