Orange Buffalo Ramblings

This post is brought to you by Rara, whose blog Rarasaur is where “frightfully wonderous things happen”!  If you are not familiar with her blog, get into it!  To celebrate her husband’s new book (and his birthday!) she created a writing prompt, which can be found HERE!

So lets dive in…

1. In the book, Orange Buffalo by Grayson Queen, the orange buffalo is a legend.  Tracking a regular brown buffalo is a feat of skill.  A rare white buffalo thus represents the nearly impossible hunt for something, whereas an orange buffalo represents the search for something that simply doesn’t exist.  Have you ever searched for an orange buffalo – a truly false or impossible dream?

My orange buffalo is The American Dream.  I was raised to believe that if you did well in school, obtained a college degree, and worked hard you would be able to live comfortably – good job, nice house, etc.  So I made it through high school (that’s a whole other story) and I went to college.  I graduated from college, believing I would easily find a job with such a great education (lol).  Here I am, seven years later, still looking for that good job that will allow me live comfortably.  I believe, in our current economy, the American Dream is nearly impossible to obtain.  Things were different, simpler, when my parents and grandparents were my age; there were less people (literally) and more jobs.  But yeah, in my humble opinion, The American Dream is an orange buffalo.

2. What’s the greatest lesson you’ve learned from a break-up?

Hands down the most important thing I’ve learned from break-ups is (drumroll please) you will survive.  Back when I was in college I experienced one of those “I am physically going to die from the pain of this loss” break-ups.  Unbelievable amount of tears, self-loathing/doubt, feelings of betrayal – lets just say it was really bad and it took a long time to recover.  But through this experience, when I truly thought my heart was just going to stop beating, I found out that I could survive it.  And that knowledge, for me, has been priceless.

3. Do you remember what you wanted to be when you grew up?  Did you get there?  If not, what happened?

Like most kids I think, I contemplated making a career out of every new thing I learned about!  Kids are awesome little sponges like that!  However, what I remember most is wanting to be an artist – and for me, writing falls into that category.  I tried many different mediums and always did well in classes that required creativity, but making jewelry was my favorite.  I “got there” in the sense that I am currently making and selling my own jewelry (shameless plug: Contortum Designs Etsy Shop).  BUT, I work two part-time jobs to pay the bills.  As far as what happened, I think somewhere along the way I started to believe that one cannot make a living as an artist.  So rather than focusing on my craft in college I chose something that I thought would allow me to support myself (I was wrong).  Now I am working to make my childhood dream a reality, but it is a slow going process for sure.

4. Is there something in your past you’d like to do over?  How do you think it would change your life if you had the opportunity to do so?

Yes, there is something I would do over.  However, I believe in the butterfly effect.  If you are unfamiliar with the concept you can get the definition here.  Basically it means if you change even one tiny thing in the past the entire future will be different.  Now this contradicts the concept of fate, which implies that no matter your choices in life you will end up where you were always meant to be (which is always going to be the same place no matter what you do).  I think we change our future with every choice we make.  So, if I could go back I would choose a different major in college, which I believe would change everything – whether this would be a good thing, I cannot be sure.

5. In the novel there’s a repeating series of lines, referring to society’s predictions for the main character – the good and bad.  “What a nice boy, a good boy, so much potential.  He’s going to grow up to be president, a novelist, a hypocrite, a sellout.”  Write your own.

Such a pretty little girl, so sweet and sensitive.  She’s going to change the world, touch peoples lives, breakdown emotionally, give up.

Well folks, that’s all for today!  I hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about me, I sure appreciate your reading this!  Comments always welcomed!



8 thoughts on “Orange Buffalo Ramblings

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  3. This is such a great prompt – I’m going to have to steal, I mean “borrow” it on my own blog. Love your responses…The American Dream seriously needs to be revised (American Dream 2.0, anyone?)


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