Custom Jewelry Design

About a week ago I received a message requesting a custom pendant (yay!).  The request was for a ravenclaw-esque pendant based on the Harry Potter series, a dark blue stone wrapped in copper.  I really enjoy custom pieces because they inspire me to try new things.  In this case, I had never wrapped with copper wire before and now I will definitely be using it in the future!  In this post I am going to take you through the process of requesting a custom piece from Contortum Designs!

First step: Contact me!  You can request a custom order via Etsy or DM me on Twitter (@orr_ab), you can even leave me a comment on my blog to get things started!  All you have to do is tell me what you are looking for (some people even send me things they want wrapped) and I will give you a quote on how much it will cost.  So far my custom pieces have ranged from about $15 to $65, which I would like to think is totally reasonable.

Step Two: Creation and Communication!  I will show you a picture of the stone or item to be wrapped and make sure it is exactly what you are looking for.  This is the picture of the “ravenclaw” stone, which I sent to my customer for approval.


She had requested copper wire, so when I considered using sterling as an accent I sent her a picture first…


Luckily she loved it because I was really into it!

This is what I love about doing custom pieces, sharing ideas and coming up with something totally unique that is perfect for YOU!  But lets say she hadn’t loved it, I would have totally been ok with that and done exactly what she preferred, because that’s the whole point – customer satisfaction.

Step Three:  I’ll send you a picture of the finished piece, you decide if it is what you were hoping for, and if it’s not I make the desired changes until it is.

Here is the Ravenclaw-esque custom pendant


Not to toot my own horn or anything, but TOOT TOOT!!!  She said she was speechless (and I did my happy dance)!  I was really pleased with how it came out so I was stoked when she said she loved it.  Oh, and by the way, the Ravenclaw piece took 8 days to complete, from request to being shipped out (and I even had to order the copper wire).

She even tweeted about it!


I was really proud when I saw that, such a nice thing to say!  Hopefully what you’ve learned from this post is that requesting a custom piece is a simple and fun process, it’s all about you and spending your money on something made uniquely for YOU!  So PLEASE, don’t hesitate to contact me so we can get started on something for you!

*Sidenote – I created a new page today, you should check it out…Customer Reviews
Have a great week everybody!


8 thoughts on “Custom Jewelry Design

  1. Whooo, I can’t wait to get this!

    The custom process with you was fantastic. I really liked that you stayed in contact through the whole thing (even letting me know how long it was going to take you to get the wire and so on). Also, the fact that you took such a barely formed idea (“blue and bronze…ravenclaw…make pretty stuff for mah neck, plz?”) and turned it into this is incredible!


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