The Happenings

Happy Monday Folks!

Last week I was a bit lazy busy and did not have much output on the blog, I promise to do better this week!  In fact, I have been inspired by other bloggers and have a lot to say today, so buckle up and lets take a spin!

As far as jewelry-making for Contortum Designs, I had a relatively productive weekend.  I’ve started a new project!  I bought these little wooden letters that I thought might be cool all wrapped up in sterling and made into pendants…


That was my first go at it and after much consideration I felt it wasn’t quite right.  I decided the wood should be darker, richer in color.

So I stained the wood, and now they look like this…


I have to get some more wire before wrapping these up, but what do you think?  Will these little wood letters wrapped in sterling wire be something YOU might purchase?  I will keep you posted on my progress!

My other project over the weekend was to make a seaglass pendant especially for a good friend of mine.  I picked a piece of glass that I love, a beautiful deep green with grooves in it (probably part of a bottle top) and wrapped it up!


I wrapped the wire into the grooves in the glass, simple yet truly lovely.  You likey?!  I am very happy with how it turned out, I think my friend is going to love it!

Contortum Designs now has shop sections!  Assigning your products to a shop section is optional on Etsy, and when I first started I didn’t think it was necessary (because I started with a small number of products and they were all seaglass).  As Contortum Designs has progressed and I have added more (and different types) of pendants I decided it was time for shop sections.  Here are the links, check it out…

Glass Bead Pendants
Seaglass Pendants
Stone Pendants

Nice right?!  Ok so I need to make more glass bead pendants, that section is a little lonely at the moment, but I’ll work on that!  Overall, I would say things are moving right along!  I love hearing from all of YOU, so please don’t hesitate to comment (suggestions? opinions? encouragement!)!  Thanks for stopping by 🙂 xoxo


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