Back To Basics

Happy Monday Everybody!  I had a productive AND relaxing weekend, who knew that was possible?!  I took the pressure off myself, went back to basics and created three new pieces!

On most Saturday mornings I work on making new pieces while my fiancé (Zach) catches up on the latest news.  This Saturday our two best friends (Lindsay and Robby) came over to hang out, and Robby brought his equipment to make glass beads (he’s getting really good!).  So Robby set his stuff up in the garage, which is usually where we all end up hanging out anyway, and I brought my tools out, Lindsay was in control of tunes to set the creative tone, and Zach would chime in with interesting bits of news.  For me, it was the perfect combo for creative mojo!

The first piece I made is a simple design, but that’s kinda my thing.  A simple-looking wrap allows the focus to be on what is wrapped, in this case it’s seaglass that my mother found on the beach.


After that I decided to try adding a charm to my design.  I wasn’t sure if it would work, or if I would like it, so it would be AWESOME to get some feedback from YOU!  Here is the first one…


I chose this charm because it is a starfish, and well – seaglass + starfish just makes sense, right?  My only concern is how large the starfish charm is.  Is it too big?  Gawdy?  Or do you like it?!  I posted it for sale today *fingers crossed* so check it out on the Contortum Designs Etsy shop!

Ok, I made one more piece on Saturday and tried using a much smaller charm, so let me know what you think of this one too…


Here is the description I wrote for my Etsy shop:

Beautiful genuine turquoise blue seaglass, wrapped in sterling silver, finished with a sterling silver chain. I incorporated a tiny Buddha charm because Buddhism encourages, among many other things, the development of mindfulness, and that is a concept we can all improve upon. The ocean helps me develop and nurture my own mindfulness, and seaglass is my way of carrying the ocean, and its lessons, with me everywhere I go.

I wasn’t kidding when I said I was productive!  What do you think of the Buddha piece?  What do you think of adding charms in general?  Any suggestions for future pieces?  I LOVE hearing from you, so please feel free to comment!

I hope you all have a wonderful week!



9 thoughts on “Back To Basics

  1. FYI, your shop links don’t work. I love the pieces, though, and I think the charms are cute. I’d love to see a smaller starfish, but that’s personal taste (I LOVE tiny charms).


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