A Walk To Remember

I have been feeling stuck lately.  Stuck in my head, stuck in my jewelry design, I’ve just been off.  

So this weekend I made a little effort to get out and get inspired.  Much of my jewelry is inspired by nature, in fact, it comes from nature; so getting out and actually enjoying nature is very cathartic for me.

My fiancé (Zach), our good friend (Lindsay) and I went to the historical McKee Botanical Garden for a little outdoor adventure.  McKee is on the National Register of Historic Places.  Obviously January is not prime blooming time, but there is more to McKee than one might think!

Currently they have the Seward Johnson Sculpture Exhibition going on.  I had never heard of him, but he does life-size bronze sculptures, which they had spread around the property.  And let me tell you, I thought some of them were real people!  Here are my two fav’s…

Seward Johnson

Tell me that’s not beautiful!  The Spanish kitchen in the background is part of McKee Botanical Gardens (like I said, there’s more than just beautiful greenery at this garden!).  The woman is so detailed, from dress to facial expression, it’s hard to believe she is made of bronze!


Imagine passing these two while strolling along!  The two people sitting on the bench in the background, yep – they’re bronze too!  I actually didn’t photograph the ones I took for real people, though looking back I totally should have.  I thought the above two were so charming, they take you back into a different place in time.

Aside from the sculpture exhibition (which we did not know was taking place beforehand), McKee is a beautiful place loaded with history.  It was originally called McKee Jungle Garden, created by Arthur McKee and Waldo Sexton in 1929.  They even had monkeys and other wild animals way back when!  Here are some more shots from our day…

Like I said, beautiful.  We are even considering McKee for our wedding venue (for which we have not yet set a date)!  Spending the afternoon wandering around outdoors was exactly what I needed to start lifting the funk from my mojo!  I feel refreshed, relaxed and inspired.

Now, back to the daily grind of work and to-do lists!  Happy Monday All!



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