Small Business Woes

I have been procrastinating writing this post all day, so it is just after 4 pm EST and here I sit.  I have been a busy bee today; not only am I working a 12hr shift, but I’ve been researching for hours while my patient sleeps.  I feel like there are a billion things I need to do to take Contortum Designs to the next level and I’m just not sure where to start.  My looming and long To-Do list is partially why production has slowed.

I am still working on perfecting the art of making wire wrapped rings, and I won’t lie, it has been frustrating!  As soon as I think I’ve got it, something goes wrong.  I think I know what (at least part of) the problem is, I’ve been using half hard wire and I think I need dead soft, though that is really just a guess.  Also, I’m not using round beads, I’m using faceted Swarovsky crystals, so I may have to go round.  But I like how the facets sparkle!

My biggest production-slower-downer however is a major lack of $$$!  Everything that goes into Contortum Designs first comes out of my personal bank account, which rarely climbs higher than a couple hundred dollars at a time.  After rent, utilities, food and other monthly expenses, I have to stretch the ends to make them meet!  I know I am not alone with the financial struggles, so I just have to keep on keepin on and hope sales go up!  I’ve told myself I can’t purchase any more supplies (such as dead soft wire and round beads) until I make another sale, but this is hard for me.  I have never been good at managing my money, you might say I’m a shop-aholic and that is a hard habit to break.

I would love to hear from other artisans who have been (or are) where I find myself currently, and any advice or tips you can offer!

Happy Monday All!



3 thoughts on “Small Business Woes

  1. Anyone who built a great business has been in the position you are in now. Keep at it! Feel free to book a free business coaching session through my blog – I can offer skype services – sometimes just talking it through with someone helps!


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