Good Things To Come

As an artist, I am always looking to improve my techniques and learn new ones.  My latest project is wire wrapped rings, awesome right?!  Well let me tell you, it is NOT easy!  Yet I will not give up and hopefully in the next few months I will be selling beautiful, hand crafted, wire wrapped, sterling silver rings!

I bought a tutorial on Etsy, an instant pdf download, from the shop Picadilly. Here is what I am attempting to create…
Picadilly Ring Tutorial
(If you click on the pic it will take you to the tutorial on Etsy)

So far I have attempted to make roughly ten rings, with only one turning out to my satisfaction.  This is my first attempt…

First Attempt at Ring Making

I finished it upside down!  Oops!

A few more examples…


As you can see, I am pretty far off from the example on the tutorial.  It is really hard to keep the wire straight, as almost any bend in the wire is difficult to straighten out for this purpose.  It is hard to make the wraps around the stone equal on each side.  And when you get to the part where you use the ring mandrel, for both sizing and finishing the ring, holding the wires in place and taut is REALLY HARD!!!  I used craft wire for practicing and now I am using sterling silver, a lot of which has headed to the scrap pile due to mistakes!  So here is the ONE good one so far…

First Successful RingWoohoo!!!  Success!  I CAN DO IT!

Not bad, eh?!  I wish I could say that once I made this one the following attempts were successful, but I would be lying!  I am not selling this ring because I need it to remind me that I really can do it, I just have to keep practicing!

Now I am going to toss around a few clichés for your enjoyment 🙂  Practice makes perfect, everything that is worth doing takes hard work and practice, you are never done improving & learning!  These are my mantras as I go forth in my journey to make and sell wire wrapped rings.

Comments & Encouragement are much welcome!



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