Seeing Past Stress

Everyone knows the saying “when it rains it pours,” amiright?  Well the sun may be shining here in Florida today, but life has been raining on my parade a lot lately.  Let me explain…

Last Thursday I had the day off, which was good because I was nursing a bad cold.  So I went to the expensive supermarket in town and got my fiancé this European soda that he likes, which comes in a BIG glass bottle.  I get home, talking to my gram on the phone, and what do I do?  I drop the big glass bottle of European soda on our kitchen floor, which is terrazzo (may as well be cement).  It shatters into a million pieces, soda covering the entire kitchen floor and beyond, we have four animals that I had to keep away from the glass (did I mention the glass was EVERYWHERE?), I yelled out some really naughty words and hung up on my gram (who called me a few hours later thinking I’d been in a car accident).

Deep Breath… not the end of the world, right?  Not what I needed at that point in time, but not an emergency situation.  But my story is not over of course!  I had the day off on Friday as well, still coughing and blowing my nose (basically, I felt like shit).  It’s about four in the afternoon and I decide to go down the street to the gas station, literally right down the street.  I pull out of the gas station, waiting at a red light with two cop cars right behind me, and at that moment I remember my tags are expired.  Traffic light turns green, cop car lights turn on red and blue.  My lucky day.  After I receive a $93 ticket I drive the few blocks back to my house in tears, cause lets face it, nobody has room in their budget for a stupid avoidable traffic ticket.  And obviously the place to renew my tags isn’t open on the weekends, it opens at eight in the morning on Monday, which is the exact time I have to be at work.  AND, it’s another $80 to renew my tags.

But wait!  There’s more.  On Saturday my man and I ventured to Target because he had a gift card, so why not?  While there I dropped my phone and it was lights out.  The screen didn’t shatter, there was no visible damage, yet the damn thing would not turn on.  PERFECT.  I work in the field, for both of my jobs, my phone is literally a necessity.


Well kids, there is a silver lining, there always is (even when we can’t see it).  Mine became visible like a rainbow after a storm, when I took my phone to the Sprint store and the girl pushed a few buttons which turned the fucker right on like nothing had happened.  I am not saying that everything I went through hasn’t affected my morale, because it has.  Well, it DID.  I went through the I-feel-sorry-for-myself thing, the I’m-so-pissed-at-myself thing, and the can’t-things-be-easy-for-awhile thing.  Then, I got out of my head.  I took a few deep breaths and an anxiety pill (with which I have a love/hate relationship), and (to be totally cliché) I realized that this too shall pass.  The rain will stop (in my head, that is), work will work itself out, I’ll pay the damn ticket/renewal fee spitefully, and one of these days I WILL GET ANOTHER SALE ON MY SHOP!!!

Moral of my story… while it definitely seems to pour when it rains (in life), there ARE silver linings and whatever bullshit you’re experiencing WILL pass.


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