Beach Findings

My parents were visiting for the past five days, which was GREAT because I only get to see them about twice a year.  Being from Iowa, my mom’s favorite thing to do here is relax on the beach, also great because I rarely get over there due to work and other time consuming life stuff.  So one of my new year resolutions is to MAKE time for relaxing at the beach!

Anyway, I was walking the beach with Mama, breathing in the fresh ocean air and feeling the warm sand between my toes…


And because I am ALWAYS looking for things in nature that I can make into jewelry, I was totally stoked to find this…


A beautiful piece of coral with a little hole right in the middle!!!  So I wrapped a bail for it and included a tiny swarovsky blue crystal dangling from the center…

Natural Beach Coral w/Swarovsky Crystal

Now I just need to get some awesome pics of it before I post it on Etsy!

What do YOU think?  Is this something you would rock around your neck?!


3 thoughts on “Beach Findings

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